Corporate Policies and Procedures

Having a suitable set of I.T. Policies and Procedures is essential for the effective management and maintenance of corporate I.T. Systems.

Preparing and Ultilising well thought out Policies and Procedures provides a number of benefits to business operations including:

  • Eliminating confusion about roles and responsibilities.
  • Establish clear rules and guidelines for staff use of I.T. resources.
  • Manage collection of, access to, the protection, preservation and retention of, business information and data.
  • Manage and record changes to I.T. infrastructure.
  • Document and monitor software utilisation and licencing.
  • Support staff induction processes.
  • Document staff exit procedures
  • Assist with the management of corporate identity and branding, domains, web sites etc.
  • Ensure compliance with Government regulations.

Hotmix Group has extensive experience in the development of I.T. Policies and Procedures for Corporate clients.

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