Network Services

Hotmix Group can advise and assist businesses in how best to plan, deploy and utilise their corporate network infrastructure.

While installing network cabling, sourcing and deploying network equipment can be a straight forward task, maximising the performance, utilisation and security of that network is often over looked.

Specifically Hotmix Group can assist with:

Specifically Hotmix Group can assist with:

  • Determining performance needs and planning network roll out.
  • Selecting network devices and equipment.
  • Installing and configuring network devices.
  • Planning logical network structure, including segmentation and inter-connectivity requirements.
  • Design and Implementation of network security solutions.
  • Enabling and securing remote network access.
  • Implementing fail over solutions to maintain service continuity.
  • Deploy unified communication solutions.

Our extensive experience in network design, operation and management coupled with our knowledge of internet services operation and management ensure we can advise and assist you in maxmising network performance, security and reliability.

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