I.T. Hardware Supply

Hotmix Group can supply PC and Server hardware tailored to our clients specific requirements. Whether it is a Desktop PC for general tasks, a specialised workstation for CAD, data modelling or other production activities, a File server, Multi user Terminal system or Communications platform, Hotmix Group can supply a purpose built in-house solution or a Manufacturer designed and prepared platform.

All solutions take into account your immediate needs and goals as well as your longer term objectives such as growth and expansion plans plus life-cycle and ROI objectives.

Some things to consider when planning to acquire new I.T. Hardware might include:

  • What is the lifespan of the new equipment?
  • Can you expect a 2, 3 or 5 year or longer life span?
  • What is the Warrantied period of the new equipment?
  • What level of Warranty is included? Same day, next day?
  • Is Advanced replacement warranty available?
  • What is the expandability of the new equipment?
  • Can we increase the resources of the equipment or is it fixed?
  • What roles can the new equipment perform? Single or Multiple roles?

Key features of Hotmix Groups Hardware Supply services:

  • Desktop PC’s
  • Notebooks and tablets for mobile workforce
  • High performance work stations for design and engineering
  • Ruggedised devices for hostile environments, moisture, dust, heat, cold
  • File servers for document storage, management and distribution
  • Terminal servers for multi user business applications
  • Communication servers, Email and unified messaging
  • Printers, MultiFunction devices
  • Network switching, routing, security solutions
  • Wide area networking, multi office networking
  • Secure Remote access solutions for remote workers
  • Wireless network solutions, WiFi, Point to point trunking

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