Lost Data Recovery, Failed Hard Drives

If you need to recover important data, emails, documents or other files from an old or faulty PC hard disc drive or portable disc drive we can help.

Old hard drives might simply be no longer supported by new PC systems. In these situations we can often retrieve that data using legacy technology.

Our in-house team will assess the disc drive to determine and advise you on the recovery method options that offer the best potential for success.

Our in-house recovery service offers the lowest cost, fastest turn around option and is suitable in most cases for drives that are still responsive.

In situations where the disc drive is non responsive or requires disassembly, we utilise a network of advanced data recovery specialists who maintain advanced facilities required for this level of recovery.

This advanced level of recovery service is generally only recommended for important or critical data that must be recovered.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs by calling or completing the inquiry form below.

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