Reduce lost productivity on the internet

The internet is a powerful tool as well as a great avenue for distraction. In the work place the internet is both necessary tool and a potential cost to business through lost productivity.

How does a business manage the its needs for access to communications such as email, its needs for access to information sources, as well as government and business services without incurring the cost of lost productivity due to internet distractions.

The answer is to Manage the corporate internet service in a way that both enhances security and ensures the appropriate level of internet access is available to the appropriate people in the business.

A Managed Internet platform will be capable of providing multiple layers of security and internet access control to enable the business to better manage their staffs internet usage. This platform should also be able to support secure remote connections from other offices, branches, partners and mobile employees.

Access Management

Managing employee access to internet services can involve several elements. Access can be provided to several different levels. Some levels might include:

  • Unlimited access that is monitored and logged.
  • Limited access where:
  • categories of web sites and web services are blocked and logged
  • where certain specific web addresses (URL’s) are blocked and logged
  • where only certain services are accessible such as email
  • downloading from P2P sharing services is blocked

Opportunity and Risk Assessment

When considering if a Managed internet solution is appropriate for a business, the business owner could consider a few of the following opportunities and the risks that may be present:

  • Increased security of internet services
  • Pre-Scanning email for SPAM
  • Scanning of web pages for embedded security threats
  • Managing access web sites based on content, category, time of day or staff responsibilities
  • Managing access to file sharing networks and other threat sources
  • Managing access to social networks during business hours
  • Blocking port scan and associated network attacks and unauthorised access attempts
  • Providing secure remote access to office networks for branch offices or mobile employees

If you are interested to know more, a Hotmix Group representative can assist your organisation with an Audit of your internet services. This audit will identify any Internet access opportunities and risks that may affect your organisation as well as showing how a Managed Internet platform can eliminate the risks while enhancing the opportunities.

One great benefit of this service is that it enables Business owners to reduce the potential for staff distractions while reducing any negative employee responses to changes in Internet Access policy.

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